Sunday Worship-  Online Sermon only until further notice

AWANA Wed.           Cancelled

School Mon-Fri        8:30am

Tenets of Revival


Seeking Him pt-1                Revival - Who needs it?                                              Psalm 85:6-9                  20 September 2020

Seeking Him pt-2                Humility – Coming To God On His Terms               Luke.14:11                     27 September 2020

Seeking Him pt-3                Honesty – Silence Is Not Always Golden                 Prov.28:13                      04 October 2020

Seeking Him pt-4                Repentance - The Big Turn Around                          Ezekiel 18:30-32            10 October 2020

Seeking Him pt-5                Grace - God's Provision for Every Need                   Eph.2:1-9                        18 October 2020

Seeking Him pt-6                Holiness - A Heart Like His                                         1Pet.1:13-16                   25 October 2020