Sunday Worship-  Online Sermon only until further notice

AWANA Wed.           Cancelled

School Mon-Fri        8:30am

he Testing of your Faith-part1a              James1:2-4                        “Passing the Test of Faith”                          03May2020

The Testing of your Faith-part1b              Romans 8:28                    “Passing the Test of Faith”                          17May2020

The Testing of your Faith-part2                Deuteronomy 8:1-16       “Wrong Responses to the Test of Faith”   24May2020

The Testing of your Faith-part3                Numbers 14:24                 "Right Beliefs About The Test of Faith”    31May2020

The Testing of your Faith-part4a              Philippians 4:11-12           “The Anatomy of a Test of Faith”             14Jun2020

The Testing of your Faith-part4b              2 Timothy 1:7                    “The Anatomy of a Test of Faith”              21Jun2020

The Testing of your Faith-part5                Psalm 78:7-11                   “When Faith Begins to Weaken or Fail”    28Jun2020

The Testing of your Faith-part6                Psalm 19:7-11                   “How to Remember not to Forget”           05Jul2020

The Testing of your Faith-part7                Hebrews 6:11-20              “Holding on to Hope”                                  12Jul2020

The Testing of your Faith-part8                Matthew 6:31-33              “Claiming the Promises”                             19Jul2020

 The Testing of your Faith-part9                Exodus 34:5-6                  “The Character of God”                               28Jul2020

 The Testing of your Faith-part10              Exodus 34:5-6                    “Seeking God’s Wisdom”                           02Aug2020